The Jersey Strong Mobile App

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The Jersey Strong Mobile App is chock-full of useful features. In this post we highlight some of these features, as well as provide guidance on how to download and register for the App. We also cover how to login to manage your membership account through the App, which enables you to reserve classes, update your account information, and even make payments.The Jersey Strong App is available (free) for download for iPhone and Android.

Say “OK” to notifications right after you download the App.

  • Right after you download the App, you will be prompted to say “OK” to notifications and alerts from the App. Be sure to say “OK” to this prompt.
  • These notifications are a key component to the way the App works and will help you get the most out of the convenience and benefits it provides.

After you download the new App, you’ll need to create a new account at the login screen for the App.

  • Follow the prompts for registration. You’ll need either your membership barcode number (the number under your barcode on your keytag) or your agreement number for your membership.
  • If you don’t know your barcode number or agreement number, it is recommended that you first sign-in to your membership account online separately to retrieve your barcode number or agreement number. You can sign-in to your membership account online right here. Just click the ‘Register’ button on that page and follow the prompts.
  • IMPORTANT: Registering for the App and registering to manage your membership account online require (2) separate registrations. 
    • If you need to retrieve your barcode number or agreement number to create a new account for the App, then you’ll need to register for your online account first right here separately.
    • If you already know your barcode or agreement number and are able to create a new account for the App, then upon doing so, you’ll want to go to the ‘My Account’ link inside the App and register to manage your membership account through the App.
    • You’ll only have to perform this double registration process one-time in order to sync your membership account with the App.

After you create a new account for the App, then you’ll want to sign-in to be able manage your membership account from within the App.

  • Logging-in to manage your membership account through the App is what allows you to register for Group Classes and XLab Classes — and it’s also what enables you to update information on your account, make payments, run usage reports, etc.

The App currently has the following features, with additional enhancements coming.

  • View class schedules, reserve classes, log your workouts, set goals, access fitness and nutrition tips, plus a bunch more.
  • Additional enhancements are slated for future release.

We’re excited to bring the Jersey Strong Mobile App to you, and we’re even more excited for you to start using it and to start enjoying the convenience and benefits of it.

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